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Payroll program: Version 4.10.00, updated 14-July-2018

Payroll program for Licenced users only.
Download this ZIP file, extract all the files into your current Payroll directory (where PAY.EXE resides). This will upgrade your current payroll program.

26 June 2014: If an employee has a Super Rate less than the Super Gurantee % it will be automatically changed to the Super Guarantee % value

You can now email payslips to employees. Email address is in the employee master file. Don't forget to setup email server and "From" email address in the System Parameters file.

This version contains the new Tax Rates beginning October 1, 2016. You can update your program immediately with this one as the correct tax rates are applied depending on the pay date.

NOTE: "Paid Parental Leave" to be paid as an allowance that must be set up with allowance code PPL. The weekly amount paid is specified in the Company Profile record.

Download Payroll

General Ledger and Creditors program: Version 4.7.11, updated 03-April-2014

General Ledger program for Licenced users only.
Download this ZIP file and extract contents into your existing General Ledger/Creditors directory.

Download GL and AP

CIS/RTMS System: Version 3.9.22, updated 08-February-2012

Download this ZIP file and extract contents to replace your existing files. Please note that database changes may need to be applied. SQL scripts contain the scripts to update database changes required by the application. Only run scripts with a higher version number than the CIS/RTMS version you are updating.

Download main CIS/RTMS application

Download SQL scripts required for database updates

Download DeliverCon to use with Pinpoint web services

Support files required by applications written in Clarion 6.3 (C6BASE.ZIP)

These are the support files required to run the applications written in the Clarion language version 6.3. These files must be unzipped in the same directory as the application.

Download support files