SICAB, Software Development for the Transport Industry

Sicab Capability

Founded in 1982 SICAB began developing bespoke software for the Transport and Logistics Industries. Using the expertise developed over the last 27 years SICAB now offers a range of services including off the shelf –easy to install and use systems as well as custom software development. SICAB clients can be found throughout Australia and internationally.

SICAB’s software encompasses a range of Total Solutions from Back Office data management through the management of all Operational functions of a transport and logistics business.

The following guiding principles are embedded in the design and implementation of all software provided by SICAB:

  • Flexibility to ensure your business runs your way, not ours
  • Ease of use, intuitive, easy to integrate
  • Scalability
  • Facilitates the growth of our clients by building in tools to enhance productivity and customer value

In short SICAB simply offers:

Proven, Reliable Software

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SICAB have a long history in building products that address the principal requirement of its clients, that is, systems that help to efficiently run their business without worrying about the technology.

Your growth is our growth